Water resistant

water proof fabric


Naizil Canada is the leader in waterproof fabrics suitable for a variety of uses, including outdoor tents and shelters, boats and boat covers, awnings and canopies. Our coated fabrics are proudly Made in Canada using innovative technology and the highest level of quality materials, and will keep you and your valuables protected and dry during even the most extreme weather conditions. Our fabrics guarantee unbeatable resistance to water, high performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.
No matter what your project specifications, our in-house engineers at Naizil can provide you with a solution. Contact our Toronto office for more info.  
Waterproof fabrics are ideal for:
  • Boats and boat covers
  • Sport Complexes
  • Aviation and Aerospace structures
  • Agricultural Structures
  • Military Structures
  • Entertainment Structures
  • Marine industry
Naizil coated fabrics are not only the best solution for waterproof products but they also guarantee:
  • Colour compatibility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Abrasion resistant