durable coated fabric


Flexibility is an important characteristic for a coated fabric. A product’ flexibility or malleability facilitates manufacturing processes for our clients. A flexible product enhances longevity by not cracking or flaking under severe weather conditions. When a product is flexible, it is easy to work with facilitating the manufacturing process and creating its specific application. Products that are easy to work with speed up the manufacturing process and in turn create a positive work environment.

How will it help your client? It depends on the industry. Each industry requires handling of the material. When the material is flexible, it is easy to manipulate, thus ensuring your customers satisfaction. Facilitating the manipulation of the product enables happy customers.

Please contact us--we'd love to demonstrate the difference in a Naizil Coated Fabric
Naizil fabrics are flexible and can be used for structures in different industries:
  • Aviation and Aerospace structures
  • Agricultural structures
  • Military structures
  • Entertainment structures
  • Marine industry
  • Boats and boat covers
  • Sport complexes
Naizil coated fabrics are not only the best solution for flexible fabric products but they also guarantee:
  • Colour compatibility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Waterproof 
  • Durability
  • Abrasion resistant
Flexible Coated Fabrics