durable coated fabric


Naizil Canada is the leader in resistant and durable coated fabrics ideal for protecting equipment and or possessions from harsh weather, chemical products and abrasion. Our fabrics are suitable for a variety of uses, including outdoor tents, structures and shelters, truck tarps and tarpaulin systems, oil berms, boat covers, awnings and canopies. Our company is based in Canada with both national and international clients. With over 25 years of experience, we strive to innovate the best technical textiles. Our fabrics have been engineered to be resistant and durable in any weather conditions, including harsh Canadian winters.
No matter what your requirements, our engineers at Naizil can provide you with a solution. Our company specializes in custom manufacturing, high quality, durability and competitive prices. Contact us for more info about our products and pricing.
Naizil fabrics are durable and can be used for structures in different industries:
  • Aviation and Aerospace structures
  • Agricultural structures
  • Military structures
  • Entertainment structures
  • Marine industry
  • Boats and boat covers
  • Sport complexes
Naizil coated fabrics are not only the best solution for durable fabric products but they also guarantee:
  • Colour compatibility
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Waterproof 
  • Flexibility
  • Abrasion resistant