August 21, 2014

By: Alex Petizian


If winter is anything like it was last year, your tarps will need to protect with a purpose. Here are a few Naizil product quality characteristics that will help you defend your valuables when the weather becomes hostile.

Low Temperature Formulation Option: The standard Naizil coating formulation manufactured in our facility is made to resist temperatures as low as -45 degrees Celsius (we understand winter!) when tested under ASTM - 2136 cold flex testing standard. For applications that require even lower temperatures, consider our low temperature (LT) formulation which resists up to -55 degrees Celsius. Fabric flexibility at such low temperatures is crucial when the products are in use. 

Adhesion: Naizil products are tested in house for coating adhesion. This insures that bond strength between welds is sufficient and that coating will remain fixed on the base fabric. Good adhesion will help avoid issues such as peeling and help with abrasion. 

Call Naizil for questions regarding our fabric, we would be happy to help this winter!



June 24, 2014

By: Alex Petizian


We are in the midst of a beautiful summer. This is the season when everyone plans their events outdoors; awnings, canopies and tents are shinning under the sun.

Have you ever experienced fading and color change in your fabric?

UV additives that are formulated in all Naizil products prevent polymer breakdown from the exposure to the sun. This type of sunscreen will protect fabric integrity and colour over time.  Naizil Inc. has a lab equipped with instrumentation to compare the effect of sun exposure on fabrics.  A technical study is soon to follow, stay tuned!





April 22, 2014

By: Alex Petizian


Naizil Technical Studies

Would you like to compare products, learn about product longevity, and testing to improve your application?

Our engineering team has developed technical testing results that will help inform you, our customers, on product performance. 

Naizil is continuously innovating through research and development, and technical testing of coated fabrics so that we can help serve you as best possible.

Check out our Technical Information tab for more information.

We look forward to helping you gain an edge!



February 25, 2014

By: Alex Petizian


AMAQ 2014

The Quebec Awning Manufacturers' Association trade show took place last week in Drummondville, Quebec. Awning manufacturers from various parts of Quebec consulted suppliers to learn more about new technologies and materials. 

In collaboration with Para Italy, Naizil introduced a new product line, called Soleil Sole e Pioggia (Sun and Rain). Combining TEMPOTEST Acrylic and PVC, this new line is weldable and waterproof, improving an awnings capabilities. This offers the advantage to awning manufacturers and their clients by keeping customers outdoors even when it rains. 

Naizil Inc. also took the opportunity to introduce into the North American market a PVC awning line with stripes and patterns. This new line will allow the commercial awning market to be creative with new colours and styles. 

The AMAQ feedback was rewarding and the level of manufacturers' enthusiasm was exceptional. Our loyal customers are very excited to offer a new and more efficient product to the awning industry. 

Please feel few to ask us any questions regarding our new materials, or if you have more feedback about the AMAQ trade show! We are always glad to help out and have a conversation about the awning industry. 




February 3, 2014

By: Alex Petizian

Superbowl 2014

Despite conforming temperatures at this year's Superbowl, the NFL had to prepare for possibly the coldest event in its history. The Superbowl, usually played in warmer cities or indoor stadiums, was being held at the MetLife open air stadium in New Jersey.

Additional space heaters and heated benches were provided for the players, but what about the 80,000 fans? 

The NFL prepared by giving each fan a “warm welcome kit” at their seats as well as providing security checks at 7 welcome pavilions located just before the stadium gate. The pavilions, large tent structures, were manufactured by Eventstar Structures with Naizil coated fabrics. The fabric, also known as Enduro, needed to be two-tone, blackout, and fire retardant. Naizil fabric has been used for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, as well as various NFL, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, NCAA sporting events.

For more information on our products, please view our products and manufacturing pages on our website.




January 27, 2014

By: Alex Petizian

IFAI 2013

Naizil Inc has been creating connections and advancing ideas through partnership at the IFAI show for many years. This was my first time attending the show and I was fascinated by various networking opportunities. With over 400 exhibitors and over 5,300 attendees from 65 different countries, creating global connections to promote growth in the industry was encouraging. I especially liked the possibility to attend workshops and the resources the IFAI presented. Specifically, learning about the different types of welding machines and the capabilities they have to create textile solutions for today’s world. 

If you wish to meet us at an upcoming trade show, we will be exhibiting at:

AMAQ , February 20-21 in Drummondville, Quebec

IFAI Canada, March 13-14 in Toronto, Ontario

AIA,  June 26-28, Chicago, Illinois

IFAI, October 14-16 in Minneapolis, Minnesota





January 21, 2014

By: Alex Petizian


Like many Canadians, I grew up playing hockey, and like any person who grew up in the nineties, I remember when things were made in North America. My goalie equipment was expensive, yes, but it lasted a few seasons because it was manufactured in Canada. Quality and durability were important in my parents’ decision when buying hockey equipment, especially if I was going to stand in front of blistering slap shots. 

Naizil Canada would like to welcome you to our new website and blog!

Our Naizil blog is our way of ensuring transparency and encouraging regular communication with you, our customers and partners.  

Our team is here to help our customers find solutions and to be a source of industry information because we want your company to benefit from our expertise. Being informed and delivering new and innovative projects is the key to growth and is the future of the textile industry.

We are always looking to take the necessary steps in becoming the most knowledgeable PVC coated fabrics business in the world. We hope you take advantage of our new website and this blog to learn about PVC vinyl, its applications and our new products.

Please stay tuned for regular updates on our products, services and events!