• Naizil fabric scrim is polyester base, ranging from 220 denier to 1500 denier in various fabric constructions. 
  • Weights range from 8oz to 50 oz per square yard.
  • Naizil supplies varies coated fabrics up to 118” wide.
  • Naizil is a non-lead company.
  • Naizil offers custom colour matching with any PANTONE colour.  


  • Naizil wants to ensure customer satisfaction. The engineering team at Naizil is constantly testing their material with numerous physical property tests such as Grab Tensile, Tongue Tear and Adhesion.
  • These tests are carried out to meet physical property requirements.
  • Naizil can provide numerous Fire Retardant Standards.  Upon customer request, Naizil can also provide additional standard testing based on customer requirements.
  • Weathering also has an important role in the Vinyl’s longevity; this test includes an analysis under different climate temperatures.


  • Non- Phthalate
  • Fabric Embossing
  • Insulation, sound proofing, acoustics
  • High Abrasion
  • Urethane for printing
  • Low Temperature


As a Canadian manufacturer, Naizil Canada is very proud to serve North America with a wide range of custom products, and specializing in meeting customer project needs.